Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Sun on the Skylined

 When a sunny day finally appears I get a little shot of happiness before I’ve even 

start my day. That small adrenaline like feeling you get only when looking out of a 

window onto a blue dawn, knowing that a day of warmth is ahead. That’s the feeling I 

want replicated in my record that represents my sunny day, the record to help me 

celebrate or find a little bit of sun on a grey passionless afternoon, for this task I 

choose  ‘Skylined’ by ‘The Prodigy’ the stick out track on the their sublime second 

album ‘Music for a jilted generation’ 

 A piece of music so powerful and personal it makes me feel like I’m in the sun.

If I close my eyes when listening to it I get the vision of just gliding towards an Ibiza 

sunset, over the emerald waters of the great white isle, a cliché maybe, but for me the 

ultimate summer image.

 The backbone of this track is its rolling tribal drums, which confirms the Balearic 

image in my mind to the point of feeling sand between my toes.

 The production being almost orchestral in its composition, sweeping in with 

crescendos and holding different levels of sounds as little audio platforms that leaves 

it feeling like a condensed electronic symphony, I truly believe if Mozart was alive 

today and had our technology and sound capabilities he would be sitting in a little 

studio in Vienna churning out epic little journeys like this for fun, but fear not we 

have our own Mozart and his name is Liam Howlett and he’s from Essex 

. Long live the Prodigy.

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