Sunday, 19 April 2009



Its 8.30pm and the crowd are hollering for more. Some are shouting Stoke related observations, but most of this Sheffield crowd just want one more song before the main act is on. It’s a great reaction.

When I heard local band New Education were about to embark on their first big breakthrough tour supporting the rifles I knew I had to go and take a look and see what all the fuss was about.

With tour dates supporting the Holloway’s and the Twang, plus new single  ‘today’ under their belts this four piece are starting to gain momentum.

The venue on the first night of this sixteen-night tour is the sold out Lead mill in Sheffield. Surrounded on three sides by student accommodation this place always promises to be a wild affair.

Fortunately I managed to talk my way into tagging along on this inaugural outing and get an inside view of an up and coming band on the road.

This is a four-piece band whose two creative drivers are in the form of the bassist Jack and the front man Ryan. The Dooley’s

There is a healthy friction in the band, omitting almost entirely from the Dooley’s and usually towards each other. This sort of sibling energy, previously in the form of the Gallagher’s was what powered Oasis towards success, so comparisons are hard to ignore

It was going to be busy tonight, so the sound check is meticulous and drawn out as there is a problem with the bass dominating the monitors, so after much tweaking the stage is set.

Of the seven tracks that new education perform new single ‘today’ whips the crowd into frenzy.

Their solid sound is raw with passion, and the working class message goes down a storm with the Sheffield crowd. 

There is no pretence or image to pander to here, just music from the heart and received by the heart.

This band is going to make a splash. So be ready.

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