Thursday, 9 April 2009


Outechno timing.


I love my mac, I love that my music collection is right there, I love that all my work past and present is accessable at the touch of a button, I love the fact any of my friends that are dotted all over the planet are contactable for free at any time. But there is something I do not love, techno timing. This is when all of these wonderful things gang up on me in the form of a………phrase.

3 weeks ago my back up hard drive went pop, and it was a pop, followed by a slight fizz. I thought bugger as there was probably around 2000 tracks on there that I did not keep on my laptop. So I thought ills send it back with it still being in its warrentee it will either get fixed and ill recover everything on it, or ill just get a neww one cut my loses on the extra tracks on there, as the cream of my music crop is on my latop. I can easily back it all up again on a new machine……. No problem.

6 days later the worst thing that coud happen happened. The laptop started to hiccup and twitch. I paniced and a nee jerk reaction took me to a computer specielist in the area instead of making the journey to the mac shop.

“ too many applications running mate, too much crap and duplicates on your system”

“o.k what can you do”

“lift off your main folders and applications and clean it up, re install, right as rain, two days”



So as I sit at home that night I am reasonably confident that this technology conspiracy is not going to take me down. This confidence followed me right through the following two days, into the shop to pick it up and all the way home. Its is there when this emotion legged it and left me high and dry. Everything looked great at first, everything seemed to be upgraded, and all my wedding photos were there, so I will live another day. But then as I opened my itunes I realised that there were 389 tracks on there, that’s about 10,000 tracks light.

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