Thursday, 26 February 2009


Thanks to all our listeners for your support. Iam proud to announce the unveiling of the new Electro Evangelist web page.

Our LISTEN AGAIN PLAYER will be up and running this Friday, where you will be able to listen to the mixes from the previous 5 shows with resident mix master the 'ATOMIC P' Chris Plant and last weeks booty shaking set by none other than ESCOBAR & VITO AKA our favourite Atomic Jam residents the BROTHERS BUD.

Heres a little bit about them.

“These guys are putting out some seriously twisted stuff” Micky Slim
DJ top 10 feature mixmag February 2009.

Well he should know, Micky Slim has exclusively signed Escobar & Vito to his very own record label - Bombsquad Records. If you haven’t heard of the boys before, then look out for them in 2009.

The two musical junkies have been working together since 2005. In the early days they had success with a slamming new mix of the immortal ‘Jack the Groove’ an 80’s classic, which came out on Groovedigital Records. Next came the release of 'Feel Like Dancin' followed by the fantastic ‘Yap Yap’, both on ‘Finger Lickin Records. These releases smashed the scene and received great support from all the big players in breaks and house, this included Radio 1 DJ's; Judge Jules, Annie Nightingale, The Trophy Twins and Annie Mac.

Since their early success they have spent many nights burning the midnight oil crafting there own sound and have amassed a portfolio of dance floor killers. In November 2008 they dropped their first ‘Bomb’ with their first release on Bombsquad Records 'The Hole' EP which included tracks 'Get Ya Ass Up', 'Flex Ya Ass', 'Bealers Hole' and 'Faigins Hole' which went straight into the Top 40 on the well known website. 2008 definitely set the foundations for Escobar & Vito, making them headline artists who hold a number of residencies in the UK and playing at venues such as Gatecrasher, Sick on The Dance Floor, Purrfect Electro (Leeds) and many more. Ibiza had a taste of what Escobar & Vito are about when they played at various nights on the White Isle such as 'Judgement Sunday' and the 'I Love Leeds Zoo Project'.

One tune that has been slamming the dance floors for the last six months is their much-anticipated release ‘Badman’. This tune has been played in clubs across the world by many well-respected DJ’s such as Micky Slim, Judge Jules, and Bass Kleph.

‘Badman’ is set to be released on Bombsquad Records in the Spring. “ We’ve had this tune under wraps for over 12 months and we feel it’s now time to satisfy the demand” Escobar & Vito.

They also have a busy remixing schedule with many remixes coming out soon including the remix of FRew's new release 'I Got Something' on Bass Kleph's Vacation Records.

So look out 2009, Escobar & Vito are coming to a dance floor near you!

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